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  • Timeline
    Odiria's historical events


    YR. 0
    The founding of the four kingdoms
    Four dragons, one of each dragon species, each received a prophecy from one of the four deities through a dream. The dragons would need to found four mortal kingdoms for the other intelligent races of the realm to inhabit. Each kingdom dedicated to one of the four deities, to forever remind the mortals of the balance that had to be kept in order for the realm to thrive. The last deity, Renestrae, refused to rule Frostcrown with her brother Raanan and took off on her own. She wasn’t given a kingdom nor any worshippers and would forever roam the heavens by herself. The only remainder of her existence is the last season of the year, split in two: Frostcrown and Neightreign. Eventually, she was forgotten by the other races.

    The first two kingdoms were simultaneously created. Xaila was created by the dragon Jhaan and Ravaryn by the dragon Ylindar. The second kingdom, Avalon, was created by the dragon Fenumë. The third kingdom would be Lemuria, and was created by the dragon Laphiss.

    Xaila was given to the sun elves, Lemuria to the moon elves and Avalon was given to the wood elves. Ravaryn was given to the mages of the north, a powerful human race most in touch with magic. The land that would one day be Ashmoor was named Camlost, for it meant ‘empty-handed’ in Elvish. It was left to the humans without magic, weakest and most treacherous of all beings.
    AROUND 180 P.F.
    Founding of Al-Qahil
    The oldest city in Odiria is the capital of Xaila: Al-Qahil. What started as a settlement grew out to be a city with the help of the guardian dragon Jhaan. A few centuries later, the dragon would appoint the sun elves of Daetrys family as the rightful rulers.
    193 P.F.
    The First Sorcerers
    Not too long after the founding of Al-Qahil, the dragon Jhaan blessed the kingdom of Xaila with another gift. The bravest mage in the kingdom was chosen to inherit some of their guardian dragon’s magic. The Zinyra family was granted the gift of Necromancy and they became the first sorcerers in Odiria. Their magic was sealed with a holy promise to only use this magic for the sake of protection of themselves and their kingdom, never in selfish or evil ways.
    429 P.F.
    Founding of Ishgard
    The second oldest city was founded in the northern kingdom of Ravaryn. The dragon Ylindar had already guided the strongest and most noble family mages to the place of Ishgard and now blessed them with another gift: the tree of life. Ishgard’s climate changed to a more comfortable one in the horrid cold, which allowed the family to further build their city. As a sign of their gratitude toward the dragon, they gave themselves the name Ylindar and would from then on be known as the royal family of Ravaryn.
    442 P.F.
    Sorcerers of Ravaryn
    Like the dragon Jhaan, Ylindar waited thirteen years to bless a family with a gift of magic. The dragon chose the Rizal family as the most worthy, and proclaimed they would forever work closely together with the royal Ylindar family to guard the Kingdom. The Rizal family was blessed with the gift of divination.
    575 P.F.
    Founding of Falerien
    In Avalon, the dragon Fenumë showed the wood elves how to rather work with the magical forest around them, instead of controlling it. Once they had learned this, the city of Falerien was founded and named the Kingdom’s capital.
    588 P.F.
    Sorcerers of Avalon
    In Avalon, the dragon Fenumë appointed a family of mages to receive a part of its magic. What magic it was exactly is not known, to this day as it is believed long lost. Like the other guardian dragons, Fenumë waited thirteen years after the creation of Falerien.
    714 P.F.
    Founding of Lythrania
    Unlike sun- and wood elves, moon elves lived all over the realm of Lemuria throughout the ages. They had never settled down in one place, preferring to shield themselves away from humans that lived in the Kingdom, and the guardian dragon Laphiss had approved of this. In a dream received by Lythrana however, the dragon was told to give moon elves a city of their own to keep them safe. Named after Lemuria's patron deity, the capital city Lythrania lies beyond the surface of the Sanguine Sea. With her powerful magic beyond any mortal's comprehension, Laphiss casted a magical barrier which made the city habitable for Lemuria's people.
    740 P.F.
    Sorcerers of Lemuria
    Like the other dragon guardians, Laphiss wanted to grant a family of mages her magic. She waited longer than the others however, to ensure they were truly worthy, since her magic was considered the most powerful of the sorcerer's magic. Eventually, she trusted the Vylasar family with the gift to summon mighty, celestial beasts to protect the Kingdom. Especially since the moon elves were known to be too docile to defend it. This also marks the start of the relationship between the royal Elaéydar bloodline and the Vylasar bloodline.
    986 P.F.
    Founding of Ashmoor
    While Odiria had remained untouched by other lands, aside from the influence of overseas trade, this all changed when a large group of humans arrived on the shores of Camlost. They explained how they had faced a terrible horror and were faced without a homeland. For the time being they would be given refuge in Camlost, as was agreed by the four guardian dragons and rulers of the kingdoms.

    What the others didn’t know, however, was that the strange travellers made a deal with the few inhabitants Camlost had: grant them the country and they would taste the overseas riches. As the poorest people in the land, the inhabitants were eager to accept. A deal was struck and Camlost was no more: the district of Ashmoor was founded. The ruler of Ashmoor would be one of the travellers from overseas called George and he’d be a Duke. His Duchess, Diana, was one of the original inhabitants of the region, so that they might unite their people with this union.
    1000 P.F.
    Founding of Alderrath
    Not long after the people from overseas had arrived the small port that they had arrived in started to grow. While Dawnmire had long been the biggest city, this settlement would quickly outgrow it. The rulers gave it the name Alderrath and it would henceforth be the new capital of the district.
    1021 P.F.
    Founding of the Faith of Renestrae
    The current Ashmoor religion was built around the first Ashmoorian priest and his ability to be able to communicate with Renestrae. Both the ruling family and the so-called priest's reason behind this hoax was control. Not only could they scare the Odirian Kingdoms using their religion against them, but they could also easily control their own people this way.
    1022 P.F.
    Dragon Extinction
    A year after the founding of the faith of Renestrae the four guardian dragons decided enough was enough. As Ashmoor was becoming more and more powerful they knew they had failed their quest to guard the realm of Odiria. Legend says that the deities called back the dragons, the creatures most like them, to shield them from the humans. Others say the dragons had been too furious because of the human’s betrayal. All the Odirians knew was that from one day to the other, the dragons were gone. They were never seen again. Even to this day, ships sail out to find them, but to no avail.
    Around 1035 P.F.
    Start of the Great Conflict
    As Ashmoor started to grow, it wanted to expand its borders. The kingdoms became scared of losing what was theirs and started to guard their borders more heavily. The district of Ashmoor was no longer seen as part of Odiria and vice versa. Inhabitants of the four kingdoms were referred to as Odirians, while people from Ashmoor were simply Ashmoorians.

    What was once disdain for just Ashmoor however led to widespread distrust. Without the guardian dragons the peace was nearly impossible to keep. Avalon started feuding with Xaila over the Slopes of Shadow, Lemuria was under constant threat from Ashmoor and Ravaryn tried to stay independent from all other kingdoms. The Great Conflict had started.
    1096 P.F.
    The Crimson Raid
    Ashmoor grew more ambitious, discontent their lands weren’t as wealthy and fertile as others. A plan began to grow once Duke Eddard Winter heard of the treasures in the mysterious land of Avalon. Wanting it for themselves, they took advantage of the conflict amongst the other kingdoms. They made it seem as if Xaila had been conspiring against them, to separate Avalon by themselves. Ravaryn learned of this and sent their most capable warriors to Avalon to aid them. In the heart of night an elite group of soldiers from Ashmoor made their way through the treacherous forest, as they knew they could never march an army through the jungle in time to conquer Falerien.

    In Falerien the guards of the city noticed a gaslike substance spreading through the air. It was the last thing they knew before they passed out. In the dark of night, the soldiers planted their one weapon in the city before taking their leave. A sound louder than any other rumbled through the sky and the dark of night was lit up. The city crumbled and buried all its inhabitants with them. The wood elves and sorcerers of Avalon hadn’t even stood a chance, not without their guardian dragon. The morning sky coloured red, as a significance of the blood that had been spilled, and the other kingdoms then knew what had happened. As the Ashmoorians tried finding the ancient artefacts the legends had described, they found nothing: the spoils of war were little to none. Warriors from Ravaryn arrived days later but all they found was ruin and death. The few who survived left and the kingdom of Avalon had fallen.
    1121 P.F.
    Creation of Dark Elves
    To protect Ravaryn from the ever growing threat that was Ashmoor, a powerful dark mage created the dark elf subrace. The dark elf race was cursed with the ability only to be able to use dark magic and were created to obey every dark mage regardless of their own will. They were created in the utmost secrecy. The number of dark elves grew and it would eventually grow out to an army that would protect Ravaryn’s borders from any threats from Ashmoor. The Ylindar family did not play a role in the creation or rise of the dark elves. They were never really fond of them, but didn't ban them either. This is mainly because the ability of dark mages controlling dark elves wasn't properly discovered & developed for a long time, until after the battle of Ashmoor.
    1185 P.F.
    Battle of the Ancient Mountains
    The Ashmoor district struck again in 1185, fueled by their desire for the wealth from the Ancient Mountains that belonged to Ravaryn. They started a siege on the mountains, foolishly believing this conquest would be an easy one. Their soldiers weren’t prepared for the famed hazardous mountains, in which one would easily get lost and meet their end. The people from Ravaryn, however, knew their way through the slopes like the back of their hand. What the Ashmoorians weren’t prepared for either was the army of dark elves waiting on them as soon as they started entering the mountain range. The dark elves, manipulated by the dark mages, easily slaughtered the Ashmoorians. Many of the Ashmoorians met their end here, if they didn’t fall to it first. With little bloodshed on their side, the battle was won by Ravaryn. Ashmoorians who lived to survive the tale warned the rest never to set foot in the mountains again or there’d be more blood loss on their side. Ashmoor learned never to attack Ravaryn again.
    1268 P.F.
    War against the Dark Elves
    The problem with the dark elf race was that any powerful dark mage could control them. As such, a dark mage called Atticus Eldrin did. He quietly started raising an army to overthrow the royal Ylindar family and siege Ravaryn for himself. When he had enough dark elves by his side he rode to Ishgard in order to take control of the city. Only with the help of the cities of Norwyn and Sleetspire were the armies of Ishgard able to hold off the dark elves with dark elves of their own. But if they could control the dark elves, so could Atticus and his followers. The war didn’t end until Regulus Ylindar, then King of Ravaryn, killed Atticus. As soon as the mage fell the elves under his command were free. All Atticus’ fellow mages were captured and defeated, which brought an end to the war.
    1273 P.F.
    Purge of the Dark Elves
    While not all dark elves were inherently evil, most of them still chose their forbidden abilities over a life without magic and ignored the ancient magic laws by doing so. To add to this, the dark elves whose minds were controlled during the war had lost their sanity due to being manipulated for too long. To prevent any future danger the realm-wide decision was made to eliminate them for everyone's safety and the purge of the dark elves took place. Not a single dark elf is said to have survived this.
    1313 P.F.
    New Governor of Silvercrest
    The Governor of Silvercrest, Joran Fenmenor, was revealed to be plotting against King Castor Elaéydar with Ashmoor. The King, fragile and old as he might be, would not let this go by easily. The Fenmenor family was demoted and Joran was executed for treason. It is said that to this day, the Fenmenor family wants revenge for the death of their forefather. The Aerendyl family, close friends of the King, were promoted as the new governors.
    1361 P.F.
    The invasion of Glimmerhollow
    Many years after Ashmoor had failed to invade the Ancient Mountains, the district struck once more. This time around they had chosen a much more docile opponent and had taken time to carefully prepare their siege. The day Ashmoor conquered the city they arrived in full force, leaving the sorcerers and moon elves to retreat beyond the Mirrored River for their own safety. Glimmerhollow was lost. Ever since then the moon elves have enchanted the mirrored river, so that no invader may ever take their land again. Its protective magic doesn’t allow anyone with ill intentions in their lands and is said to swallow those that cross anyway whole. The siege gave Ashmoorians the nickname ‘the conquerors’.
    1450 P.F.
    The beginning of the Lemurian Alliance
    The former crown prince of Lemuria, Ezriel Elaéydar decided to take a step no kingdom has ever done before. For the sake of 'justice' and a feeling of solidarity between the people, he decided to bid farewell to the monarchy and rule Lemuria as a council together with the heads of five trusted families close to the Elaéydars. The Vylasar family was trusted with Lythrania while Moonbright, a grand city on the Golden Chasm, would become the new capital of the Lemurian Alliance.
    1452 P.F.
    Starting Year
    The starting year of the opening of Time Will Tell.